Thursday, January 13, 2011

I had to. I couldn't resist

Yesterday, we had a meeting with some out-of-town guests. We got refreshments for the meeting.

There were cookies, coffee and tea. The catering company also gave us milk, cream, and two containers of sugar. But no stirring implements.

So naturally, when someone asked, "Are there any spoons?"... I had to respond, "There is no spoon."


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Karma is a funny thing

On cold days like these, I love a good hot drink. So I popped by Tim Hortons to get a cup of tea.

The guy in front of me ordered two hot chocolates, one for him and one for his girlfriend. It came to $2.87. He tried to pay with a pre-paid card but the machine didn't work. So he had to walk away.

My tea, as usual, was $1.52. I decided to pay for their hot chocolates as well - after all, they were already made, and sitting on the counter. I had already done the rough math in my head so I had $4.50 in change ready for the cashier.

Somehow, the cashier got really confused and ended up charging me $2.87. I mentioned that it didn't sound right, but she was so confused that she just said, "Oh well."

So I put the remainder of the change into the Tim Hortons Children's Foundation box. Then I told the guy that he could have his hot chocolates.