Monday, August 23, 2010

Star Trek snuggles

I will be the first to admit that the hubby and I are geeks. We're both engineers, for goodness' sakes.

So, naturally, we decided that our anniversary gift to ourselves would be the complete set of Star Trek, The Next Generation on DVD.

It's brought us hours of quality time. I make us each a cup of tea and a snack like cookies or cake, we pop in the DVD and enjoy one of the episodes (which we've already seen a million times on TV). It's a ritual we've cornily affectionately named "Star Trek Snuggle Time."

Last night, we came to the end of the first season and found some of the features about the making of the series. So we watched them. In one interview, the amazingly talented Patrick Stewart said:

I first encountered Star Trek when I was working in Stratford. I'd come home to my wife after a matinee or something, and we'd have marmalade and toast and tea... and Star Trek.

Captain Picard himself has Star Trek Snuggle Time!

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