Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This past weekend, I completed Week 2 Day 2 of C25k.

As I mentioned last week, this is my third attempt to learn to like running. I've always hated running, but quite frankly - I needed a way to exercise that was free.

The first year that I decided to give it a try, I vastly overestimated my fitness level and started off way too hard for a beginner. My first run, with a runner friend, was at the Queen's Park track; when I started feeling dizzy after only half a loop (about 400m), I thought I was doomed. (Have I mentioned that I hate doing things when I'm not immediately brilliant?)

The second year, I achieved some success. I found a virtual running buddy in Andrea, and the opportunity to gloat report to each other, as well as my upcoming wedding, kept me motivated for a few weeks. But I still dreaded each run, and when wedding planning became hectic, I found an excuse to let Attempt #2 fizzle.

This time, I'm finally following the Couch to 5k program (which I really should have done when Andrea started it last year), and what a difference it has been. I'm actually looking forward to strapping on those shoes - whoa!

What did I do differently this time around?
  1. Start slow. Really slow. Week 1 of C25k consists of three workouts in which you alternate 60s of jogging with 90s of walking. Totally doable, right? Believing KNOWING that I can do it has made a world of difference in my willingness to go out and do the run.
  2. Get real. During Attempt #2, I told myself that I'd do my runs in the morning before work. I am NOT a morning person. I managed it several times, but not happily. As a result, I started associating running with the dread of early mornings - not a great way to stay focused. This time around, I'm fitting my runs into my evenings, which is much more in tune with how my body works.
  3. Get a buddy, preferably one who is at the same level as you. Reporting back and forth with Andrea helped me get much farther in Attempt #2 than Attempt #1. I now have a network of three others, which has been amazingly motivating.
  4. Just do it. Doing it always feels better than NOT doing it.
I'm pumped for week 3!

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  1. Keep going!!
    There's a run this Sunday - Run for the Cure!