Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Condo living: appliances

It's time for a new washer. Mine is about ten years old and no longer remembers how to stop filling with water.

Small space living (I'm talking 550 sq ft) has its unique set of challenges. Shopping for furniture and appliances is one of them.

I'd imagine that when normal people need to make a major purchase, like an appliance, they follow a series of steps, something like this:
  1. Think about the needed features
  2. Set a budget
  3. Ask friends and family for recommendations
  4. Do some research into different brands and models, and shop around at different stores
  5. Compare models and prices, and narrow down the field
  6. Settle on the model and the store, and place the order
As for me?

Don't get me wrong; I wouldn't make such a major purchase without any research at all. But after asking my lovely Nesties and poking around on various websites, I realized that it came down to this:

"Hi. Can you show me the smallest (insert appliances here) you have?"
"Sure. There's this one, and that one."
"This one will fit. I'll take it."

And that's how I settled on this cute little Whirlpool number. Capacity = 2.3 cu ft of glory. Oh yeah.

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