Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cat-related business: cat calls

For a creature with a walnut-sized brain, Sherlock is quite adept at communicating with us. When he first moved in, he was pretty quiet, but as he's settled in, he's become a lot more vocal. I've also gotten pretty good at translating:

Mmmmah! = Good morning!

Mmrh = Run away! (Because mommy is a pretend monster)

Miao? MIAO! Mmmiaaooooowwwwwooo! = Let me out! I know you're leaving and I want to come... (This is when he is the most vocal)

(High-pitched whimper) Miao? = Pleeease let me out?

MrrOW = Come play with me!

Prrrrrrr = Mmm, dinner... OR Mmm, snuggles:
What a life!

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